A magical place

Built in 1899, Schloss Heinrichshorst lies well hidden in the forest surrounding the “Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide” near Magdeburg, the East-German capital of Sachsen-Anhalt. From Berlin, only a two­-hour drive will take you to one of the most magical castles in Europe. Nobody has ever visited this wonderful place and not fallen in love with it!

Freunde von Heinrichshorst e.V.

This is your chance to support one of the most magical places in Europe!

When you simply love this place, or when you would like to support our efforts to renovate the castle and the surrounding premises, restoring beauty, preserving nature and developing a world led by creativity, then this is your chance to become a Fördermitglied of our Verein “Freunde von Heinrichshorst”.

High Tea afternoon

At Schloss Heinrichshorst, we offer a delightful afternoon tea time with home-made scones, muffins, brownies and savory sandwiches, served on a nicely decorated table, using only the most beautiful neo-romantic tableware.

Check out our High Tea gallery or contact us for more info and prices.

Unique wedding location

Is there a more magical place to celebrate this unique moment in your life? We think not. Schloss Heinrichshorst offers you an enchanting environment for your wedding ceremony, reception, dinner and party. Both indoor and outdoor we offer many possibilities for the most demanding wedding planner. We are here to help you make your dream come true!

Check out our wedding gallery or request an offer for your magical wedding at Schloss Heinrichshorst.

Saturday night dinner

On Saturday evenings, we are offering an exquisite dinner at our excessively decorated dining table, set for 16 persons. The menu consists of delicious appetizers, a main fish course and a yummy dessert with tea or coffee. In the pictures below, you can see some example dishes made by our cook.

Check out the available dates on our historic dinner page.

Bed & Breakfast

Did you ever sleep in a magical castle? This is your unique chance!
A perfect hideout for romantic souls, artists, visionaries and digital nomads.
Check out our listing on Airbnb (we also accept BTC).


At Schloss Heinrichshorst, we value art. In a world filled with ugliness, beauty matters a lot, so we heavily support those artists who still believe that we can turn our world into a better place as long as we carry real beauty in our hearts.

One such artist is Viona ielegems, who seeks to find beauty in all aspects of life. Like Viona, other artists can apply for a temporary residence at Schloss Heinrichshorst. A cross-pollination of creative minds can only lead to new and exciting art!


As important as art is technology. One cannot live without the other. At Schloss Heinrichshorst, we therefore support technological innovations that help improve our world in a sustainable way.

In our opinion, decentralization is key. That is why we are strong ambassadors of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and blockchain applications in general. Schloss Heinrichshorst is also an official Bitnation embassy. Join us in our mission to return the world to the people!

Bitcoin weddings

At Schloss Heinrichshorst, there are many ways to get married, even digitally. Since we value technology as much as we value art, you can also pledge your love and dedication to each other online, before the Free Spirit, representative of Liberty, Equality and Trust.

Contact us to register your Free Spirit wedding with a Bitcoin transaction, logging your marriage for all eternity in a public ledger called “blockchain”.

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Schloss Heinrichshorst is located between Hannover and Berlin. We can be easily reached by car. By train, you first go to Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof. From there, you can take a local train to Angern-Rogätz.


Schloss Heinrichshorst
Heinrichshorst 1
39326 Rogätz