Freunde von Heinrichshorst e.V.

Registration Verein “Freunde von Heinrichshorst”

This is your chance to support one of the most magical places in Europe!

Schloss Heinrichshorst needs your help, to bring back the glory of former times.

When you simply love this place, or when you want to support our efforts to renovate the castle and the surrounding premises, restoring beauty, preserving nature and developing a world led by creativity, this is your chance to become a Fördermitglied of our Verein “Freunde von Heinrichshorst”.

As of 25 euro per year, you can become a Fördermitglied of our Verein.

With the membership fees, the castle will be further renovated, and the garden will be further developed and maintained. At the same time, collaborations will be set up with local organizations, to give the future development yet another impulse, leading to an even more successful story. Together, we can so much more!

Your support is essential, and we are grateful for any kind of contribution. Nowadays, every cent counts. And with the help of possible Fördermittel, your contributions could even count for more than the double!

As a member of our Verein, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, by e-mail or at home in your mailbox, informing you about our progress, keeping you up-to-date with our activities and events organized at Schloss Heinrichshorst. As a Fördermitglied, you will also receive a beautiful set of nostalgic postcards and a members badge, which you can wear proudly as a “Freund von Heinrichshorst”.

Plus, every year, we will organize an exclusive event for members only. Expect something wonderful, something unique, flavored by history and romance.

If we have convinced you to become a real friend of Schloss Heinrichshorst, we invite you to register for our Verein here:

  • Price: 25,00 €